Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yogawoman (2012)

Oh, boy.  There's a documentary for everything.  You shouldn't be surprised that there's one about the yoga trend, and more precisely, one that follows its vast trending among the female demographic: Yogawoman.  85% of people in the United States practicing yoga are women.  That's a lot of yoga pants.  Annette Bening narrates this made-for-TV documentary--and who would be a better fit for the role?  If you want to convey female strength and resiliency, there's no woman with more steady intonations.  The gurus out there will enjoy this for its showcasing of high-profile yoga instructors.  But it moves quickly and skims the surface of a number of yoga-related topics and organizations, that will leave the rest of us, ultimately, a little bored.  My capsule review is live at Time Out Chicago now.

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