Sunday, November 13, 2011

Janie Jones (2011)

Oh, Jesus, I've been away from this blog long enough for my precious few followers to completely forget about it.  I'm genuinely sorry about that, but I have good news.  I'm breaking the long silence.  Fresh up on is a tiny review I've written about the new indie release Janie Jones starring Abigail Breslin, who steals an otherwise lame show.  She's actually the one thing I loved about this movie.  She's very comfortable in front of a camera and exudes such a natural presence.  I wanted to like more about Janie Jones, but its technique overwhelmed me.  Read the review for more complete thoughts on that.  In closing, I LOVE YOU.  Thank you for clicking back over to my blog, nice reader!

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Michael Troutman said...

4 months is nothing. Don't worry about it. Put up some content again and make the comment rounds. You will be back in business in no time.